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Holistic Treatment for Vocal Cord Dysfunction and the Airway

Vocal artists can be injured as well. What might that look like?

Strain to your voice. Soreness in the throat area, hoarseness in the voice, pain, lack of good projection, and more!

The question is still the same, “why?”

Why did this happen? What caused the vocal cords to take on extra strain? Was it over training? Is it a TMJ (jaw) issue? Was it another injury distant to the throat that is affecting the efficiency of your airway?

Other areas to consider: was there a neck injury (whiplash, surgery, etc).

Was there an injury to the rib cage? This could prevent the efficiency of airway and neuromuscular control to produce sound.

Was there a low back or pelvic injury? Yes, this is distant to the vocal cords, but sound production can be effected from an issue all the way down here!

Those are just a few scenarios! Are you curious about anything mentioned here? What if you are not a vocal performer, could this still apply to you? Absolutely! Check out our post on airway dysfunctions and learn what are indications you may have an airway dysfunction.

Keep watching for more on airway treatments! Comment 🎤 below if you learned something!

Jason Racca, PT

Jason Racca, PT, DPT, CFMT, OCS,

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