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Holistic Treatment for Dance Injuries and other Artistic Athletes

What does treating a performer/dancer holistically look like?

Dance injuries are common. Hip injuries such as labral tears or piriformis syndrome are common. Joint stiffness, knee pain, and achilles tendinitis are other common injuries we see.

When you seek help, your injury is the initial concern. We need to help you get out of pain and start the recovery process as soon as possible.

As your body starts to do what it was designed to do, our goal is to start getting to the root cause of the issue. We ask, “Why?”

“Why did this injury happen? Was there something that made this type of injury more likely to happen? Is there a history of other episodes of a similar injury?”

When we have a good starting point, we are able to treat the root cause of your issue more specifically.

Sometimes, getting to the root of the injury means we have to treat through other old injuries. Other times, it means we need to look at other systems of your body to see if there is something that made you more prone to an injury like this. Possibly something nutritionally, something in your routines, etc.

The goal is to always help you be better than what you were, and the best that you can be!

Jason Racca, PT

Jason Racca, PT, DPT, CFMT, OCS,

R3 Physio

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