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Do you mouth breathe? It is likely affecting your health!

If you could improve sleep quality, improve your breathing, improve your posture, and improve your body’s ability heal, would you jump at that opportunity?

What would that allow you to do? What could you do better?

Of course, there are multiple reasons any of these things could be affected, but a big one that has the potential to affect ALL of these is your AIRWAY!

How do you know if you have an airway issue? Some signs might include:

🫁 open mouth breathing
🫁 snoring when sleeping
🫁 you avoid certain foods because of difficulty chewing on one side
🫁 tongue issues that affect speech, breathing, swallowing issues
🫁 constantly tight facial muscles, Especially around the lips
🫁 your tongue rests in the “basement” of your mouth, instead of the roof
🫁 you have mal-occlusion of your jaw/bite (over bite, under bite, cross bite, etc)
🫁 your head stays positioned forward
🫁 and more!

Stay tuned if you want to know more! Also, if you are a performing artist, this absolutely applies to you! Check out our recent blog on what a holistic treatment for a vocal performing artist. If you want to drive more into the importance of nasal breathing and the consequences of mouth breathing, read this blog.

Are any of these issues keeping you from doing the things you enjoy? Comment below and let us know what you would do of these things were NOT and issue for you!👇🏼

Jason Racca, PT

Jason Racca, PT, DPT, CFMT, OCS,

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