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What We Treat

Whether It’s Your Elbow, Ankle, Fingers, or Hips, Our Therapists have Probably Seen Someone With a Similar Injury As Yours.​

Because we take a full 60minute, 1-on-1 treatment approach, our therapists have the time to dive deep into helping our clients. Our business model allows us to make each patient’s health and outcome a priority. By giving our therapists the resources and flexibility to research the latest and best evidence, they are able to adapt to new situations efficiently and deliver high quality care and great patient outcomes.

By taking the time to understand each patient’s injury while keeping up with the research, we are able to get you better, faster, with less chance of reinjury. And we’re willing to pull out all the stops to do so.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab In Salt Lake City, UT...

50+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Erik Galbraith

“Peak Pursuit helped me with a shoulder issue I have had for years! Kimmy and Drake are very knowledgeable and listened attentively. I’ve seen multiple physical therapists and Peak Pursuit is by far the best.”

- Tyler Kolzow

“Drake and Kimmy have an obvious passion to help fellow climbers improve their performance and recover from injury. Amazing advice for every level of climber. As a fellow physical therapist and novice climber, I can appreciate how they use the most up to date research to give the best outcomes to clients.”

- Anne Marie

“Went to Peak Persuit after having shoulder pain for a long time. Had a very good talk about goals and usual training and adapted that to the current situation. Did not have to stop training/ climbing but got out much stronger than I was before. Also thanks heaps for the basically full-time support and quick responses to questions!”